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WFA  announces  new international event in FX industry - WFA FX Expo & Conference. Event will take part at the venue and virtually at the same time

October 10-12, 2020


Under experience of the World Forex Award, the exhibition targets both B2B and  B2C markets by organizing trade show in London, United Kingdom. Over 33 best FX companies will take part and share their services, ideas and experience. During two unforgettable days industry professionals and just people who are interested in financial markets will visit WFA FX Expo & Conference. 


WFA FX Expo & Conference is opening giving chance to FX companies, startups and perhaps traders to find new partners and opportunities

Exhibition floor map

WFA FX Expo & Conference

Main topic: Challenges of pandemic environment - who international crisis will impact on financial markets


Industry professionals will discuss  the challenges which industry can face during the next several years. We hope this discussion helps WFA FX Expo & Conference guests and participants to make right decisions to keep the balance and be successful