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Elon Musk offered an alternative to Apple Vision Pro for $20

Apple's Vision Pro virtual reality headset continues to grab the public's attention with its impressive features and high $3,499 price tag. Because of this, the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, spoke out in a tweet mocking Apple.

Musk shared a phrase that became popular after the announcement of Apple's AR/VR headset, comparing "$3,500 augmented reality" to "$20 augmented reality" promised by some psychedelic mushrooms.

The price of the Vision Pro headset has raised a lot of questions, and many believe that such a high price will limit the number of buyers and make it a niche product available only to a select few, and not to the general public.

However, some believe that the high price may be part of Apple's marketing strategy. This is because the price creates an illusion of status for new followers. They will purchase the product and create free content about it, as their excitement and desire to share this product with the world will become an attraction. It is assumed that this would not have been possible at a more affordable price.

This approach perfectly matches the corporate identity of Apple and is of interest among fans of the brand.

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