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Hindenburg Research continues its attack on Icahn Enterprises

Short seller Hindenburg Research continues to attack Icahn Enterprises, Carl Icahn's firm, just days after accusing it of running Ponzi-like structures. Hindenburg announced that it opened a short position on the company's bonds. In response, Icahn Enterprises filed a Q1 unexpected loss report and said it was involved with U.S. Attorney's the day after Hindenburg released a report accusing the company of artificially inflating its assets.

Hindenburg indicated that Icahn Enterprises did not disclose key details of its margin loans, which could pose a short-term critical threat to unitholders. In response, Icahn said that Hindenburg launched a disinformation campaign to distort the firm's image, damage it and deprive individual investors of their savings.

Since the first publication of Anderson's report, shares of Icahn Enterprises have fallen almost 40%.


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