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Microsoft and Axelar to develop hybrid blockchain solutions

Axelar App to be added to the Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) platform Azure is the first cross-chain protocol added to the Microsoft online store. Tens of thousands of developers will have access to AxelarJS tools and be able to integrate blockchain support faster and easier, partners expect.

“This opens up huge potential for products that integrate established Internet technologies with public blockchains and make them useful for users,” promises Axelar spokesperson Galen Moore.

The partner companies plan to explore the possibilities of integrating private and public blockchains for use in artificial intelligence (AI) applications. According to Axelar co-founder Sergey Gorbunov, users need to trust AI at various levels, and a combination of private and public blockchains can help with this.

“Blockchains can become the basis for trust. They will provide assurance that the data has not been altered or falsified, and also, if necessary, provide confidentiality in some jurisdictions. A public blockchain will provide proof and trust for all consumers, no matter where they request data from,” Gorbunov assures.

The Axelar protocol currently supports 43 blockchains. The capitalization of the company exceeds $1 billion.

In the spring, it was reported that a prototype cryptocurrency wallet was discovered in the Microsoft Edge browser.


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