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The first fraudulent crypto-accounts were noticed in the new Threads social network

it is in turn a clone of Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), which launched on July 5th. The number of users of the new platform is approaching 100 million due to Instagram users, although Twitter's results (450 million users) are still far away. However, scammers have taken notice of the new platform.

The appearance of an account of the same name in Threads was announced by the developers of the decentralized finance platform Wombex Finance. They stressed that the Wombex team had nothing to do with the account on the new platform and suggested that extortionists were most likely operating there.

One of the popular NFT bloggers, Leonidas, reported a similar case: his account and pages of other “large NFT holders” appeared on Threads. The blogger said that he had to create his own, real account on a new platform in order to fight scammers.

So far, developers and bloggers say, Threads accounts have not posted phishing links or committed any criminal activity.

Earlier it was reported that eight popular cryptocurrency Twitter accounts were hacked in the spring, and the hackers were able to get almost $1 million.

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