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The new CEO of Twitter addressed the employees of the company through the social network

The new CEO of Twitter, Linda Iaccarino, sent a letter to employees calling for freedom of expression, according to Business Insider.

In her email, Iaccarino stated, "You should be free to express your opinions," and she also shared the idea on Twitter.

The CEO of Twitter has summed up her new vision for the platform, calling it "Twitter 2.0," which is strongly reminiscent of the ambitions of the platform's owner, Elon Musk.

Iaccarino says her mission is to make Twitter "the world's most accurate source of real-time information," and that's not just empty talk.

She also supported Musk's goal of advancing civilization through an uninterrupted exchange of information and an open dialogue about the most pressing issues.

Iaccarino took Musk's place after he announced his acquisition of Twitter and described himself as a "free speech absolutist". However, instead, there have been unexpected and dramatic changes in the platform's strategy, including the frequent publication of messages with anti-transgender, anti-vaccination and conspiracy content.

In the first 25 days of his leadership of Twitter, half of the top 100 users left the platform.


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