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Visa is preparing to launch payments in stablecoins and is looking for technical specialists

Visa, a major player in the payment card industry, is exploring the benefits of the cryptocurrency industry and is ready to launch its own initiative focused on payments in stablecoins, according to CoinTelegraph.

The head of Visa's cryptocurrency department recently tweeted about a new cryptocurrency-related project, noting that the Visa product will be designed for mass adoption of public blockchain networks and payments in stablecoins, aimed at making digital commerce easier in everyday life.

However, while its own stablecoin is not yet ready, Visa is on the hunt for programmers, engineers, and web3 technology experts.

Visa took its first steps into the crypto industry in 2020, collaborating with blockchain firm Circle to support the USD Coin stablecoin on certain credit cards. It then expanded its cryptocurrency offering, but was forced to suspend some new industry partnerships due to the cryptocurrency market downturn in 2022.


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