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Vogue Singapore Ventures into the NFT Metaverse in September Issue

Vogue Singapore, a subsidiary of the international lifestyle magazine Vogue is venturing into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with the issuance of two covers available as digital collectables.

The launched NFTs are available as two virtual-only covers, created by fashion designers and represent a part of the global theme of 'New Beginnings' for September. They are listed for purchase as one-of-one tokens created in collaboration with two teams of local and international digital artists.

Vogue noted that one of the ways “to consider new beginnings is to explore the intersection of fashion and technology and the rise of NFTs as a new marketplace for digital designers and creators.”

According to the magazine, the first NFT piece in the September issue is called 'The RenaiXance Rising' by the digital fashion house The Fabricant. The piece was created alongside Singaporean artist Shavonne Wong. It is a programmable NFT artwork capable of changing its posture and lighting according to the local time in Singapore. It is already available for sale on newsstands.

The second NFT is dubbed the 'Triumphant Awakening' by 3D artist Chad Knight and was developed with Singaporean design studio Baëlf Design. The collaborating studio has a renowned pedigree and has previously “created the AI-generated fractal headpiece.”

Vogue is one of the latest brands or companies to venture into the immersive world of NFT metaverse. Besides helping to register ownership of digital assets on the blockchain, this offshoot of blockchain technology is gradually gaining traction in its use cases as brands now connect more with their audience. From Marvel Studios to Nike, more international brands in diverse markets embrace NFTs and look to recreate new clients' experiences.

With the skyrocketing sales of crypto arts, the Vogue Singapore NFT covers may meet a ready market, reinforcing that NFTs are growing mainstream amongst collectors.

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