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What two stocks did Soros choose to invest in?

Well-known billionaire George Soros continues to expand his investment portfolio. According to Yahoo, Soros recently added two profitable stocks to his portfolio, which attracted the attention of analysts and received high ratings.

The first company Soros acquired was AerCap Holdings (AER), the world leader in aircraft leasing. The company owns 1,740 different types of aircraft and serves more than 300 customers in 80 countries. Over the past year, AerCap Holdings' revenue has grown and beat expectations in the last quarter. The company also launched a $500 million share buyback program. Soros opened the position by buying 535,425 AER shares, valued at over $30 million.

Analysts point to positive trends in global aviation and a shortage of aircraft, which contributes to higher rental rates and higher profits for the company.

The second company included in Soros' portfolio is Teck Resources (TECK), a Canadian mining company specializing in coal, copper, zinc and other metals. Teck Resources is also investing heavily in renewable energy with the goal of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050. In the last reporting quarter, the company faced low prices, reduced sales volumes and increased costs. Despite this, Teck Resources continues to stick to its production plan for the current year.

Soros also acquired a position in Teck Resources, buying 497,854 shares, which are currently valued at about $21.67 million.

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