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Forex Award




Digital Dream Technology (DDT), founded in Ukraine in 2017, specializes in financial investment and diversified financial services. The headquarters and operations center is located in Kiev, Ukraine (8th floor IQ Business Centre, 13-15 Bolsunovska St, Kiev, Kiev City, Ukraine 01014), with few agency centers set up in Europe and America. In cooperation with Ukrainian top financial trading expert Andy Hill, on January 20, 2017, AI Artificial Intelligence Trading System - ET Manager was created. Its function of self-learning and self-correcting big data for the world futures trading market, combined with past and real-time international market transaction data, can trigger the most effective trading solutions in the shortest time to solve and serve the long-term international financial market. 


DDT’s great achievements in recent years have been well-known in the international financial community. Recently, the WikiFX domestic authoritative regulatory website has increased DDT brand to 7.52 rating, and it has reached the top 200 global brands. DDT is temporarily ranked 29th in the world which made a rapid leap in the ranking of the authoritative WikiFX. It is inseparable from DDT’s insistence on the goal of stable development. It continues to inject the brand with practical and global certification authority and high security.

Forex Award

WFAC: W011920

Forex Award

WFAC: W012020


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