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Founded in 2012, MTrading has grown into a well-established and globally recognized broker. It has representatives and offices in 10 different countries all over the world. MTrading has gained a good reputation on the web thanks to the state-of-the-art platform and ultimate trading conditions for 250.000+ customers. 

The company has introduced a comprehensive affiliate program with multiple reward types, intuitive affiliate dashboard, easy-to-access marketing, and promo materials. Various partner types are welcome to join the program. They range from education centers requiring sponsorship to trading strategy providers, Forex tutors, and trading soft developers.

MTrading partners have already earned more than $33 million using various commission and reward types. They include CPA, Revenue Share, and Pay per Lot. Affiliates have full access to the reporting feature inside the dashboard. They can track all stats and insights delivered in real time. The company keeps improving its affiliate program and offers weekly payouts without delays. 


WFAC: W07338020


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