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Radware: Earnings, Earnings Were Lower Than Forecasts in Q2

Radware (NASDAQ: RDWR) released its second-quarter results on Wednesday, which disappointed analysts. The income indicator did not justify the forecasts.

The company posted earnings per share of $0.10 on revenue of $65.6M. Analysts polled by had forecast earnings per share of $0.14 and total revenue of $69.12M.

This year, Radware's share price, down 3%, has performed worse than average on the Nasdaq index, up 36% year-to-date.

Radware follows the general trend of Tech companies this month

On July 25, Microsoft reported its fourth quarterly earnings of $2.69, earnings of $56.2B, compared to earnings-per-share estimates of $2.55 on total revenue of $55.44B.

Alphabet C Earnings Beat Analysts' Expectations July 25th Q2 Quarterly EPS $1.44 on Total Earnings of $74.6B Analysts Previously Predicted EPS of $1.34 on Total Earnings of $72.82B $


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