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Twitter will share ad revenue with content creators

Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) has announced it will share ad revenue with select content creators in addition to its existing monetization system, the company's website says.

"We're expanding our content creator monetization offering to include ad revenue sharing," the social media site says.

To participate in the program, you must meet a number of conditions, including having a Twitter Blue subscription or verification, having at least five million views of records monthly for three consecutive months, and to receive payments, you must have an account on the Stripe payment platform, the site says. Twitter will soon start the process of applying for advertising revenue, it is specified in the same place. The social network's Twitter account says the program will be expanded later this month.

The program section of the site notes that creators will be able to subscribe to the Creator Ads Revenue Sharing and Creator Subscriptions program independently, and the feature will be available in all countries where the Stripe payment platform operates. The company has begun work with the first group of users that will be able to accept payments.

Twitter in April of this year added a monetization feature that allows users to earn money from content on their feed through the introduction of a paid subscription. The owner of the social network Elon Musk said that users will be able to receive money for their texts, photos and videos published on the platform.

Twitter Inc. was founded in 2006. The main product of the company is a social network for exchanging short messages. Musk finally closed the $44 billion acquisition deal in the fall of 2022. In April, it became known about the takeover of Twitter Inc. X Corp., headquartered in Nevada.

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