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World Forex Award 2020 Q1 All you need know

Benefits of World Forex Award

1. Award from independent organization (not expo or other sponsored "event"), with clear rules and regulations.

2. Transparent system

3. Immediate response to your customers, who are willing to check the award information about your company or award

4. Immediate response to your requests and wishes

5. Immediate announcement of your news (web site, emails - over 1500 industry executives; over 11 000 traders and financiers)

6. Advertising during 3 months in magazine The Financier magazine is free for readers, they can view or download we have around 10 000 readers in Europe, Middle East, SE Asia and Australia. Rank is increasing with 5-6% monthly

7. Special interview with company representative/executive in The Financier magazine

8. Personalized page on WFA website, where you can publish news in any amount

9. Analysis and research: Monthly SEO and consumer sentiment analysis and consulting

10. Stronger positioning against your competitors and much better award than thay have

11. Weekly report about requests of information about your company (name, last name, email, location)


The list of World Forex Awards in 2020 Q1

The Best Forex Broker

The Best Customer Support

The Best Mobile Application

The Startup of the Year

The Most Innovative Broker

The Fastest Growing Broker

The Best Cryptocurrency Broker

The Most Transparent Broker

The Best Social Trading Network

The Best Educational Program

The Best Trading Platform

The Best Corporate Social Responsibility


Forex Award | World Forex Award | Forex
Forex Award | World Forex Award | Forex
Forex Award | World Forex Award | Forex
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